Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Shop - Bilam Bags for men

Where would we be without our man bags? We would be stuffing our pockets with cards, keys and all other sorts of paraphernalia is where we would be. If you are on the hunt for a new man bag, your first or maybe an addition to your collection, take a look at the range from new range Bilam. 

Designed by a family run business based in Cambridgeshire, Bilam seek to create some choice for men, in a market that caters very well for women. The designs are contemporary, stylish and vibrant without being in your face. 

The capsule collection, named "Maison" is made up of four bags in different colours but that share the same design features. Inspired by the design of a traditional postman's bag, they are hand crafted from durable British leather, with an adjustable strap with antique style buttons. They are You could fit all you need for a day in the bag, which comfortably holds an Ipad and more. 

Each bag is handmade in England and created made to order. They all retail at the same price (£139.00) and the brand currently offer free delivery. It is the colour that really makes Bilam bags stand out for me. There is the more traditional camel and brown shades or the jewel greens and blues that stand out. Take a closer look at the range below:

Buffalo brown

Organic green

Mean as mustard

Electric blue

Shop the range at Bilam Bags

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