Sunday, 25 August 2013

Shop - Londono Bags

Londono Bags are a wonderful new brand that I have recently been introduced to. Specialising in leather, luxury bags, they offer a wide range of designs that are all smart, elegant and most certainly rakish. 

The Knightsbridge 

The Westminster 

The London collection, inspired by the city, has 19 styles in total, each named after the part of the city they represent. The shape remains the same (boxy, easy to carry and sturdy) but the details of leather and carbon fibre change. A nifty touch is the addition of a GPS tracking device on the bag which is a fantastic detail. 

Londono was established in 2012 by Mr Mauricio Londono, who has years of experience as a designer for an international Swiss watch designers. Eager to use these skills in a new way, Londono is a brand set up by him, combining his passion for design and utility with luxury and the very best materials. 

The Belgravia 

The Black Gold (a personal favourite) 

Prices range from £500 to £1700.00. Shop the range at 

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